J.S. Park

Apr 3

You Need To Know: No Matter What

You need to know you’re loved no matter what.

That doesn’t hinge on your GPA, or your family history, or that talent show, or your singing voice, or your secret addiction, or your sharp theology, or some blogger’s comments, or your dirty past, or your weight, or that fake impression you spend hours modifying, or your number of Likes, or another human being’s opinion, or your own opinion.

You’re loved and accepted and approved through the cross of Jesus Christ no matter what. He qualified you to Himself before you took a single breath in this room.

Believe it, every moment.  That God in Heaven on His throne sees you right now and says, That’s my boy, right there.  That’s my girl.  You’re my kid. My child forever.

Don’t even for a second diminish that cross in the middle of human history by thinking your thing escapes His Love. That’s selfish foolishness and self-pity, and it has no place in the glorious universe-exploding grace of God.

If you think that sort of grace is a free pass to be reckless and dangerous and free, you’re absolutely right.  Reckless to build, not destroy.  Dangerous to give, not steal. Set free for joy, not a dead end of misery.

You’re truly set free by love for love. 

You need to know that. It’s the only way we’ll make it.

I am loved. Say it, bro.  Brag on God.  Brag the truth.