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What do you do when your best friend who is also a Christian, starts going the wrong path? My instinct is to try and stick it out with them. I've tried lovingly confronting him. he did not get mad but he is not looking at it as a struggle, he wants it. He is now an active homosexual, and it's just sort of going downwards. I ask because in the bible it says not to have fellowship with those Christians who accept their sin or something like that. This scares me, because I don't want to cut him off


This is just about the worst feeling in the world — when your friend walks away from truth, regardless of what sin he chooses — and I’m sorry to hear about it.  Please let me point you to three posts with similar questions:

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The passage you’re referring to about “no fellowship with sinning Christians” is 1 Corinthians 5, which is a difficult one.  I do think 1 Corinthians 5 needs to be balanced with other Scripture, specifically those about patience, kindness, and helping out a sinning brother.  Because the absolute last resort is to cut off a fellow Christian who’s in active sin.  Otherwise none of us would be “qualified” for church.

I don’t want to water down 1 Cor. 5 either (how could I? It’s God’s Word), yet exhort you to be sensitive enough to work out some of the “extra room” questions.

Is there “extra room” in your friend’s heart to hear the truth from you? Is there any extra room where you think you can reach him at all?  Is there extra room for your church to approach him in love and seek his best? What about challenging your own heart in the process?

If he is totally ignoring you, dismissing you, cutting you off, and flaunting his stuff at church, you might consider the non-fellowship thing.  But even then, by the power of that Holy Spirit, do everything you can to love your friend with the truth. Don’t give up. Please pursue him and pray for yourself.  Your instinct is correct.